Our Story

We are all Ā»divineĀ« beings even though we are not fully aware of this fact, living amidst the hustle and bustle of our everyday lives. However, the awareness of our divinity comes when we reach inner peace. This is the moment when we can embrace new ideas which come from above.

And this is how the idea of establishing a fashion brand - DivineBugs was born; it came from above, during a workshop given by Dr. Joe Dispenza.

I have always been interested in fashion. In my early days as a teenager and later as a student, I used to sew clothes, even ski suits. My customers were mostly my friends who did not bother much if something did not come out right as it should:slight_smile:

The love for fashion remained even though for twenty years my professional career went in another direction.

But there comes a moment in our lives when we want our dreams come true. The people at Hospic say that people find it hard to die if their dreams have not been fulfilled.:slight_smile:

DivineBugs are garments of top quality and affordable prices. They are made of organic cotton and carry all the certificates proving that the materials have been made in a sustainable way.

Why the name Divine Bugs?The bugs are living beings from above and play a particular role in this world and have special function in nature. The bugs perform small work, yet very important fort the eco system.

They have become endangered species due to excessive use of pesticides. Thus in our DivineBugs collection they have found a safe ground to live on organic cotton.

Our unique garments combine well with the wardrobe you already have, meaning that you can marry old and new:slight_smile:

I hope you enjoy wearing our DivineBugs garments.