Moda + žužki = DivineBugs

Fashion + Bugs = DivineBugs

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How do fashion and bugs go together? Nicely... The fact that they are an inspiration in fashion is not new, but what is new is that the DIVINEBUGS brand was created in Slovenia.

The owner of the DivineBugs brand has been collecting bug brooches for as long as she can remember. Her passion for fashion and the desire to follow herself and her own desires have recently taken on other dimensions. The insects "jumped" onto the clothes, where they found their current place. And maybe they will "jump" from the clothes to somewhere else...

And why insects?

"Environment and nature are what our long-term legacy is to our children," says DivineBugs. "There are millions of species of insects in the world. In intensive agriculture, which also includes cotton production, cotton cultivation accounts for as much as 17% of the world's use of pesticides and the use of 2,700 liters of water for a single T-shirt. And it is intensive agriculture that can lead to the extinction of one third of beetles in the next ten years. These will replace insects in the wild that are predicted to become resistant to pesticides. As a result, they may also be dangerous for us humans," warns the DivineBugs brand.

They also remind us that nature is connected in a closed circle. It is not possible for one side to do something wrong without affecting the other side. Therefore, they offered the bugs depicted on their clothes a safe base. This safe base, however, is organic cotton.

Only organic cotton

The DivineBugs brand uses only organic cotton for which the manufacturer has actual certificates.

Organic cotton is not only important to us who wear these shirts, but to the people who harvest it. Pesticides have a great impact on the health of people who are the first in the T-shirt production chain, even though they are far away from us. Furthermore, cotton clothing impregnated with pesticides also affects us who wear it. They harm our health and affect the functioning of hormones. Irrigation is also a problem in cotton production, as the local population lacks water due to artificial irrigation of cotton fields. Unlike artificial watering, organic cotton is watered only by rain.

The sad fact is that less than 1% of organic cotton is currently sold in the world.

DivineBugs clothing is mostly 100% organic cotton. If a certain percentage of polyester is added, it is recycled.

Clothing design

Bug designs are the fruit of Slovenian designers. They are currently designed by Jagoda Jenčič and Maja Rak, and new design names are also invited to participate.

They are very innovative and fashionable and useful in designing models. T-shirts are really wearable, they are a piece that you can wear to work or for leisure. In addition to T-shirts, the latest collection also includes dresses and hoodies. All pieces are colorful and playful.

Bugs are sure to brighten up your day and your wardrobe!

DivineBugs dedicates part of its product sales to the preservation of bees in Slovenia.

In addition to the DivineBugs online store, DivineBugs clothing is also available in the E2RD Gallery in Maribor and the SEDEM boutique in Velenje.

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