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COTTON: An under-exposed impact on health and why you just have to have it in your home


Humans have been using cotton clothing for thousands of years - since around 5000 BC to be exact. It is a natural fabric that you can use without a bad conscience in the kitchen or in the bedroom or stock your closet with it. Indeed, cotton is the most commonly used natural fiber, which is used in everyday life in all corners of the world - including here.

Much has already been said on the subject of cotton and fabrics made from it. And you yourself have probably already heard that cotton production itself is environmentally friendly and harmless. We often forget that by buying cotton clothes and other fabrics, you are not only doing a huge favor to the environment, but also to yourself.

That's why I decided to touch on less mentioned topics and reveal to you 5 often ignored, but extremely important reasons why cotton products should dominate in your home. Whether it's clothes, bedding or cleaning cloths.

Are you ready? Well, let's see 😊

1. Immortal Cloth

Unlike other materials that require a lot of care when washing and using in general, cotton is a great alternative if you don't want to treat your clothes like a porcelain doll. Thanks to the natural fibers from which cotton clothes are made, dirt does not rub into the "inside" of the clothes, but merely "rests" on top. Therefore, you can wash cotton clothes easily and without a bad conscience in the washing machine - both with cold and hot water, but do not forget to follow the instructions on the label.


Cotton is also considered a durable fabric that defies time. So, by buying cotton clothes, you can say goodbye to throwing money away for clothes that tear or fade after just a few washes, and you have to go shopping again and again. Can you imagine finding a nice sweater or T-shirt that you simply "fall in love with", but after a few washes it becomes unrecognizable? Well - when buying clothes made of cotton, you can largely avoid such ungrateful problems. 

I know - in such cases too often the dilemma arises: "Why should I pay 30 EUR for a simple t-shirt with short sleeves, when I can get it in most stores for a mere 5 or 10 EUR?" Therefore, at this point, I would like to kindly remind you of that well-known saying: I am not rich enough to buy cheap.

2. Thermal insulator

Cotton is an excellent insulator of heat, and therefore you can enjoy cotton clothes both in summer and in winter. They prefer to use it in warm climates because it successfully wicks away moisture from the skin, and with its breathability, it ensures that your body does not overheat in the summer heat. Despite the fact that in principle it is considered a summer fabric, when properly treated it is also used as an excellent dullness insulator in the colder months.

This unique adaptability is due to a unique molecular structure that allows for "air retention". These air pockets can absorb heat from the body and prevent it from penetrating further into the outside environment. But they also work the other way around - cotton insulates the skin from the heat, and at the same time successfully wicks away moisture and dries quickly. 


Synthetic fabrics based on petroleum rather than cellulosic compounds must be woven or combined with natural fibers to achieve the same insulation and ventilation properties. Because their molecular structure is more "compact", they cannot capture air and breathe in the same way as, for example, cotton or wool.

That's why I strongly recommend that you always check the content of certain fabrics in the chosen piece of clothing before buying summer or winter clothes. In this way, you can easily avoid possible regrets and the fact that your new summer t-shirt or warm winter sweater will remain untouched in the closet.

3. Oh, how good it smells

Do you ever wonder why some t-shirts, sweaters or even panties still have an unpleasant smell after washing? No matter how long you soak them in soda, add a little vinegar to the wash, or wash them at high temperatures and carefully dry them only in fresh air - as soon as you put them on, you feel like you're wearing a three-day-old T-shirt.

The secret lies in the very fabric from which the clothes are made. Polyester, which makes up about 60% of all the clothes you find on store shelves, is a synthetic fabric made on the basis of petroleum - without natural fibers. Synthetic fibers are designed in such a way that they absorb substances from the environment (in this case, your sweat), which causes bacteria to stay in the spaces between the fibers. The result of this is an unpleasant smell on your clothes despite regular washing and, as a result, a problem with removing this smell from your clothes.


Cotton clothes are made from natural fibers that have the ability to absorb sweat components. To put it colloquially - in this case, the sweat adheres only to the surface of the fabric and does not interweave into "its interior". Therefore, removing stains is easier and more effective, clothes last longer, and after washing the laundry, there is no smell or hearing of any sweat. 

4. Health first

Did you know that the skin is the largest organ in the human body? It protects the body from various irritants, harmful microorganisms, water loss and various injuries. In fact, you can imagine it as a kind of barrier against the exposure of the body against poisoning. That's why it's all the more important to protect it properly.

The problem is that many dyes used in the fashion industry are toxic to our body. Processing reduces the amount of these substances, but unfortunately their poison remains. And despite the fact that nowadays we have direct access to a small sea of information online, many people still do not take these problems seriously - despite the fact that wearing fabrics made of dangerous chemicals, which are usually cheaper, directly endangers your skin and health.

For example, benzothiazole and its derivatives are widely used in clothing dyes. Few people actually know that this harmful substance is actually a skin allergen, which causes kidney and liver, respiratory and central nervous system toxicity after long-term use and exposure.

Cotton, especially organic, is made from exclusively natural and consequently human-friendly materials, does not irritate the skin and has no unwanted side effects on your body. It's airy, clean and soft, which is why some people compare wearing cotton clothing to being hugged by someone. Since it does not contain chemicals harmful to humans, you can wear it without a bad conscience even in case of allergies or sensitivity to certain chemical substances.

5. Higher quality of life

Did you know that at least 75% of people experience poor sleep a few nights a week? If you are one of them, this point can "turn" everything upside down. Cotton is a truly miraculous fabric that can help you with many problems. In addition to depriving you of any ungrateful allergies or skin reactions, his use of cotton fabrics in everyday life affects your overall health and well-being. 


Just the fact that you don't have to deal with allergic reactions, constantly buy new clothes, or worry when your new shirt comes out of the washing machine unrecognizable, you can benefit from cotton somewhere else - when sleeping. Cotton bedding promotes sound sleep as it is soft and airy, resulting in a nicer and better night's sleep at the end of the day. On the other hand, coarse bedding made of low-quality materials often causes allergies and leads to sleepless nights.

Science has proven that an optimal body temperature contributes to restful sleep. Since the human body releases heat at night, bedding that does not retain heat inside will raise your body temperature and make you restless and sweaty. Cotton acts as a cooling agent throughout the night as it wicks away any moisture or sweat from the body. In general, people who have problems with insomnia are usually recommended to use cotton bed sheets, as they give a soft and silky feeling and consequently ensure a better sleep.

Dirty secrets of the cotton industry

As cotton is the most popular fabric in the world and accounts for more than half of all fiber needs, cotton growers are increasingly using artificial inputs and excessive use of pesticides to make cotton grow faster. This means that products made from this type of cotton are usually full of chemicals and cause allergic reactions on the skin.

Although such a practice is quite disturbing, it really warms my heart to think that more and more people are becoming aware of these problems - as of today (if not before), including you. Therefore, more and more attention is being paid to the issue of the production of cotton products, which is losing quality due to its great popularity and demand. Years ago, I blindly trusted manufacturers myself and diligently bought cotton products, which left me disappointed more than once, which I didn't think was fair.

Be the change you want to see in the world

That's why I combined my love for myself, the environment and, last but not least, for comfortable and functional clothes, into one about two years ago and focused all my attention on organic cotton. Namely, it grows in the soil WITHOUT any added pesticides, herbicides or other harmful toxins that are "likely" mixed into cotton products today. In addition to the fact that organic production protects users, the environment and the producers themselves, its production is also controlled by special certification organizations.

And I'm proud that with our sustainable and eco-friendly brand Divinebugs, we can be part of this wonderful story and at the forefront of the changes we want to see in the world. If you also want to fill your closet with high-quality, durable and unique clothes that will accompany you for many years to come, I invite you to visit our online store.

Believe me - it can surprise you😊

Lidija Žagar

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